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Hairstyle Guide

Men and Women Hairstyles in the Vintage Years



The styles brought about by the 1930's, 1940's and the 50's, from cars, to outfits and hairstyles, leave us nostalgic thinking of the past era. Those were the days when young and working class people started their ways of expressing their thoughts and likes, by way of how they dress up and what things they love like music and cars. The look was elegant, classy and sexy, with the excitement of the rock and roll craze of that time.


Hairstyles in that era were considered sexy, and gave an impression of discipline and independence. Among the many celebrities of that time, the names Elvis Presley and Bettie Page would pop up if we mention rock and roll hairstyles. The tough guy impression and the cute sexy look left a mark in the history of styles that some still try on these days. These were the times when young men and women projected images of being restless and yet showed the classy image of a society.


Men had two famous hairstyles at that time. One pomade style was keeping both sides short while the front, top and back were maintained long. With the use of pomade or wax, the front and top hair were swept upwards. The other hairstyle was termed the flattop where the hair was cut short and styled with spike look using the pomade.


There were several shapes and sizes of the rockabilly hairstyles for women at that time, and two types of hairstyles again stood out. The hair of the first style is moderate in length and is layered. You can see curly hair on top and at the nape of the neck, with sides kept short. A Bettie Page look is the other hairstyle that had a blunt cut fringe at the front and cascading layer or style waves at the back.


In creating what they call rockabilly hairstyles for men, the shape of the face, bone structure and the built of the person are considered plus with a little imagination. The famous beauties in that era like Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe all wore what is called updos. The famous men on the other hand like James Stewart, Cary Grant and President Dwight Eisenhower, wore really short sever cuts hair. The younger men like James Dean and Elvis had the so called pompadour-like hairstyle.


Women in the 1950's require much hair maintenance. Those who have straight hair had to curl it using hair curlers or rollers, and set it for the longest time like overnight. Some would recourse to going to beauty shops to make their curls permanent.